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Remedial Therapy is the evidence based assessment and treatment of ‘soft tissue’, such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue fascia, to address dysfunction, relieve pain and support natural healing.  For athletes, our services enable faster recovery and potential for effective and efficient sports performance.  For everyone else, this means moving comfortably. Remedial Massage treatments by a qualified therapist will almost always include a clinical assessment.  We assess the condition, give careful consideration of any previous injuries, illnesses or medical history, and discuss relevant factors which may alter normal function and result in pain (eg. posture while working, running style, muscle overload, stress, nutrition, lifestyle).  A major aspect of your positive outcome will be learning to understand your injury and/or pain.  Many acute and chronic pain causing conditions can be assisted by using hands on remedial techniques along with great advice and handy tips for self management that you may not have considered or been offered previously. Remedial Massage services will often differ as they will be customised to suit you on the day of your treatment.


Therapists use hands on techniques such as myofascial tension technique, trigger point therapy, cross friction massage, muscle energy technique, stretching and mobilisation. 

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